How A Business Lawyer in Salem Can Help

Small Businesses Need The Help Of A Salem Business Law Office

Are you a small business owner who needs a business law attorney? Money is usually tight for a small business, so many owners try to build their business and minimize their costs. Most don’t’ consider the need for a business attorney until they need one. This can be a mistake since a good Salem business lawyer does not only get you out of trouble but can help prevent you from getting into trouble in the first place. When you were setting up your business structure, you probably conferred with an attorney on the right legal and tax structure to create. This is an important part of business law, but there are many other considerations as your business grows and a Salem business lawyers can help.

One of the most challenging areas of business law is employment law. If you have any employees, you are subject to at least a few of these laws. If your business grows and you become a major employer of more than 50 people, then employee law can become a real headache. A good business lawyer can help you with employment issues. There are several laws governing how a business treats its employees. Just to name the major ones:

– The Equal Pay Act

– The Americans With Disabilities Act,

– The Civil Rights Act

– The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

– The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986

– The Bankruptcy Act

– The Equal Employment Opportunity Act

– FMLA, the Family Medical Leave Act

The Occupational Safety Health Act

– FLSA, The Fair Labor Standards Act

– Employee Polygraph Protection Act

Even if you have your own Human Resources staff, it can be cumbersome to comply with all of these requirements without input from a business lawyer. The last thing a small business owner needs is to run afoul of any of these employment laws.

Another area where a business lawyer can be a great help is in reviewing contracts and helping with negotiations. Many small businesses rely on contracts to keep their doors open. It is very important that a business or contract law attorney review these in detail before you sign. You don’t’ want to enter a contract and then discover you inadvertently agreed to provide something you either can’t or don’t want to give.

If your business is a success and you want to expand, a business lawyer can help ensure all documentation is legally written and filed. There are several legal processes involved in growing a business including buying real estate, purchasing more inventory or even buying another small company. Your business lawyer will ensure you have all the permits, licenses, and releases you need to stay out of legal trouble. They will also ensure your rights and property are protected during negotiations and sales.

If something does happen and you get sued, your business lawyer will represent you through the process. They will help you gather all documentation and build a defense. Hiring a good Salem business lawyer is the best way to ensure your business if safe and you stay out of legal trouble.